What SaaS applications should you be offering your business customers? 

consultancy_final_img2.pngGlobally, consultancy appears to be buoyant. The need for expertise on how companies can leverage new processes and see results through industry best practices has created a vacuum for consultancies to thrive. The rise of SMEs in this sector has become apparent, with technology advances helping smaller firms and start-ups to build businesses that require little infrastructure in order to carry out their work. Larger business
and corporations can now look to these SMEs for consultancy services that are flexible and agile, helping them to transform and improve their business processes faster.

In our fourth e-book, we look at the consultancy industry and how its smaller players are using web-based tools to win clients and help them flourish.


The Stack eBook series was compiled from research we conducted, interviewing SME's from four industry verticles, analysing their key challenges and assessing the best cloud apps on the market that meet these challenges. 

In our our last in this series of four eBooks, we look at SMEs in the 'Consultancy' sector to decipher what SaaS applications are helping them to build better businesses.
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