What SaaS applications should you be offering your business customers?

recruitment_final_img_2.pngThe expansion of the global recruitment industry corresponds with a growth in cloud technology adoption rates among SMEs. Recruitment firms can now avoid costly, on premise IT infrastructures in favour of subscription services that can be scaled up or down, giving a more agile and profitable
operating model.

As technology has evolved, the day-to-day running of a recruitment firm has, inevitably, evolved with it. Mobile and cloud technology gives easier access to information as well as providing huge cost efficiencies, enabling smaller players in the industry to compete against today’s recruitment giants.

New entrants no longer need office space, on premise servers, or indeed much more than a mobile phone and laptop to run a successful recruitment business. In this ebook, we explore how this is possible and which digital services recruitment firms are using to meet their business needs.


The Stack eBook series was compiled from research we conducted, interviewing SMES from four major industry verticles, analysing their key challenges  and assessing the best cloud apps on the market that meet these challenges. 

In our first of four eBooks, we look at SMEs in the Recruitment sector to explore what SaaS applications are helping them to build better businesses.
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