What SaaS applications should you be offering your business customers? 

software_final_image2.pngThe digital revolution has, inevitably, seen the amount of SMEs emerging in the technology and software development sector soar. Of all I.T based jobs, demand for U.S. software developers is expected to be the strongest in the period up to 2020 – with application software developer roles forecast to grow by 28%.

This dynamic sector was ranked fourth in ‘Sageworks’ list of the ‘10 fastest growing industries in small businesses.'

A dramatic increase in efficiency and affordability - driven by cloud computing - has been a major factor contributing to the growth of software development, whilst the accessibility of open source code (OSS) has provided a huge stimulus for developers to start their own small business. As a consequence, these thriving digital business clusters need little more than an internet connection and a laptop to develop innovative software programmes.

In the third of our SME e-book series, we look at the tools and applications tech companies and software developers are using to run their businesses more efficiently and more successfully. Discover the industries best in class applications and consider what you should be including in your cloud application marketplace. 

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